One week in Tromsø - by Pauline from Germany

Hello out there!

Today it isn´t Johann writing, but me, Pauline. Maybe some of you know me from Instagram (@johann.forfang.fanpage) and „Hey!“ to all those who don´t. In his 1st blogpost Johann wrote that he wants to open this place for the community, for the #skijumpingfamily and when I made a trip to Tromsø last week, he asked me to write a few lines. So, here we go.

First of all a little bit about me: I´m 18 years old, born and raised in the middle of Germany. Surrounded by trees and mountains, I became a real winter-lover, crazy about everysnow-based activity. Especially skijumping fascinates me due to its complexity. I first heard about Tromsø as the city Johann was born in. Quickly I recognized that it contains everything I like while going on vacation: pure nature, high mountains and a clear sea.

So my parents and I decided to go up north for one week in the middle of October. We followed 3 goals: catching thenorthern lights, collecting some of Johann´s childhood vibes and gaining new outoor experiences. Every wish became fulfilled within the first day. To really get into the norwegian feeling we decided against a hotel, but for an Airbnb, located on a hill on the island´s south side. The walk into the city took us about 20 minutes, so we were kinda central and avoided the traffic noise. In fact it doesn´t really matter where you stay, because several bus lines connecting all 3 parts of Tromsø: the island, the Kvaløya part and the Tromsdalen part. That´s been quite practical, even though it took us some days to get an overview about the city with all its different bus stops.

As we like walking, we discovered the island while following the cross-country-slopes which are beautiful hiking trails as long as the snow is still missing. Now, in autumn, the nature along the ways is incredible: snowy mountain tops all along the horizon, frosty leaves coloured from green over yellow tored and frozen grass on the ground. The trail guided directly to Grønnåsen, Johann´s home hill. It´s kinda nostalgic with its blue metal, containing the stairway up. No lift. No matts on the hill. No chance to get it into the Wolrd Cup, currently. But hell, everyone needs to know how incredibly awesome it is standing on the top, seeing hills and water, feeling absolutely free while a fresh breeze hits your nose. Exactly this was the moment I understood the reason why Johann is so deeply in love with this place and I started to feel the same way he does.

Most of the other days we were hiking and made it up to the top of Fløya and Kjølen. One day we rented a car, drove to the Sommarøy island and hiked up to Hillesøy-Toppen. I´m totally into this outdoor stuff, but I´m pretty sure that I´ve never suffered as much while climbing a mountain everbefore. However, I´ve never seen such a breathtaking beauty before either. It was a pure beauty of nature which isn´t ment to be captured in a photo or described in words. It´s supposed to leave you speechless. 

And so do the northern lights. We were lucky enough to see them right above the city. The lights weren´t as intense as in all those famous pictures there, more like a green shining fog. But one day within minutes the whole sky was fulfilled withseveral green stripes. One turned from green into purple and started dancing. I stood there in awe, looking into the sky, not able to move at all, before I became totally hyperactive and needed to tell everybody what I saw lately.

I could write about so much more lovely details, but I guess it´s enough for the moment 😊

Honestly, I fell in love with this place and highly recommend going up north to convince yourselves. Thanks Johann for being present as a guide and listener all over the week.

Lots of love


PS: Here some fun facts about the natives, noticed by a stranger. Whenever it gets dark, nearly everone wears a yellow life vest. You´re not a local if you don´t own a pair of knitted gloves. And last but not least: Don´t feel unsportive if someone´s faster than you. Everyone there is able to walk at least two times as fast as you do, even though you think you´re fast. The trail can be steep as hell, someone will pass you, running. Take it easy, they´re crazy. :D

The reason I needed to stay home this time


I had the such a good start to the morning yesterday. I woke up 06:50, started to get dressed while looking down at Wilma. She stood there next to my bed, looking up at me with those cutie eyes, for like, 5 seconds. Then she usually get super stressed out, running around like a maniac in the apartment wanting to get out ASAP to pee.. Never a calm start to the morning. I literally have to run out with her. Well not really, because when we first get outside she doesn’t pee immediately. She takes her time. Sniffing around. Scouting after boys. So I always feel like a fool. Tricked by my own dog.

Anyway. For real tho. The morning was really nice. We went for a little walk in the park, and it was so calming. The grass and everything was covered in ice. It was so nice outside. You know the early sun peaking up above the horizon. The threes and grass is just tingling in the nice lighting. Perfect. Just perfect.

So, when Wilma was done with doing her morning routines💩 It was time for my precious coffee, and for some reason the coffee was just a tiny bit better than normal as well. So as you can tell, the morning treated me quite good. And that was important, because the day’s first workout was a jumping session on ice tracks. 2019/2020 season’s first session on ice. And you always want to have a good start. I mean, it is a huge step in direction of real winter type of ski jumping. I always want to start out with a good feeling on ice. I rather not start out struggling and immediately start the hunt after the good shape. I want the feeling of “well, this was easy. This winter is going to be awesome”. So🙏🏻 Please, just let me find the flow as early as possible this year. So that I can just jump, have fun and look forward to the winter to come.😇

Now I’m looking forward to more jumping on ice tracks, we are having our next session tomorrow. And all of the sudden I feel like the winter is creeping up on us. As you hopefully understand by now, this was huge part of the reason why I decided to stay home from the last competitions in the SGP. I have been struggling so much on the summer tracks, and it have been quite exhausting actually. So I really needed this. A fresh start on new tracks at home. And hopefully it will result in me jumping much better from now on and thru the winter. Are you excited for the winter? Can you feel some butterflies while thinking of the World Cup start? I can’t be the only one🤔


Let's give this blog a try


I decided to relaunch my website. Because I haven’t really used my website for anything. Let’s be real, most of you did probably not even know that I had a website to begin with?.. Well, the old page were designed by Showfabrikken and they were great don’t get me wrong. They are super good at what they do, you should most def check them out. But when I make this and own it myself I can do and make whatever.

So. This page you see right here now, I made it myself. And I had a freakin blast doing it😍. Some of you guys might know that I love esthetics and to design and make stuff. And for those of you who didn’t know. Hallais! I hope that you will join us here. Let us make this a #skijumpingfamily community🤷🏻‍♂️. I will hopefully post my thoughts here after competitions, from our training camps or when something interesting happens. Or maybe you’ll just see more pictures of my coffee and Wilma - jk.

But for real. I hope this can be a place where we can chat, maybe learn a thing or two🤷🏻‍♂️ and most importantly be kind and make this a great community for the skijumpingfamily. There will be pictures, stories, behind the scenes, GIVEAWAYS etc. Let me know what you would like to see on this blog.

So let’s give this a try. Spread the word. Help grow the community and let me know what you want to see on this page. Leave your ideas down below.